Monday, November 14, 2011

Natural childbirth part 1: Baby birth is serious business!

Hey there my lovely followers!(or the empty space I pretend to be filled with followers.) I thought it would be a good time to share my natural birth story while the details are still fresh in my mommy-brain. Come along with me on the journey of the hardest and coolest thing I've ever done.

Hurry up and wait!!!
 I had an "induction" scheduled for the day, we weren't your usual induction scenario though. On Tuesday I had an appointment with my doctor and she informed me that Dexters head wasn't "engaged" yet. (This is doctor speak for 'the baby is still floating around in his watery paradise') I was pretty frustrated with that news. My pelvis had been giving me more problems than ever before and even my normal daily activities were becoming impossible. My doctor felt the baby was ready even though I was only 39 weeks along so we made a plan. We scheduled the induction but before we started anything she would check to make sure his head had dropped. If it had, she would break my water. If it hadn't we would wait.

So it's wednesday morning and I am waiting on the call from the doctor. We all went about our normal business. Richard went to work, caydance went to school, and I got pretty for the day! (OK that last one wasn't the usual but I figure it's a good way to kill time and couldn't possibly hurt.) It was about 11 am and I decided to have a bowl of cereal and wait for them to tell me that today wasn't the day. Just then the phone rang and they told me to head over. I arranged for our roommate James to take Caydance to school and watch Athena. I called my mother-in-law Reata who was supposed to drive me and we headed out.

I must go off on a tangent here for a minute, so please forgive me, but I feel like the best memories come from the unexpected moments of the day. Reata, my dear dear mother-in-law, was a crazy driver. I'm talking I feared for my life at moments LOL. She tried turning left into on coming traffic and took the wrong freeway exit leading us in the opposite direction of the hospital. All the while talking loudly over her LOUD car engine that we compared to the sound of a helicopter. It was hysterical! Needless to say, she got me there in one piece. The doctor did her little lookie-loo check and informed us excitedly that it was in fact BABY DAY!!!

Last Minute Madness
Can I just say that I am amazed that people just spontaneously go into labor? There are so many little details to attend to like babysitters, bags, labor coaches, husbands leaving work, camera memory cards. . . .I could go on for days. Anyway, we were mostly prepared so I only had to make a few calls. The 1st call went to Richards work to let them know I was "in labor" and to let him leave.(This was followed immediately by a call directly to Richard to tell him to go to the grocery store for snacks and to buy a memory card for the camera. Poor guy had a LOT on his plate!) The 2nd call went to my mom. She was going to finish her lunch and shopping with Nana and then head up. (That woman knows how to manage time like nobodys business.) I called my dad to arrange pick up for the girls. And I called the school to let Caydance know what to do. Lastly I called Teressa, my sister-in-law/labor coach/amazing cave woman. ***** DEEP BREATH***** ok NOW we can have a baby.

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