Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy sparkly people!

Well it's that time again. . . new years. Time for all of us to set some goals and take some action. My new years resolutions are so very stereotypical that I am almost humiliated to be blogging about them but hey! You have to be accountable to someone right? Might as well be a bunch of cyberspace blog stalkers! :)

Goal #1 ~ Time to lose the baby weight! I figure it's a good time to do this seeing as how there are no longer any babies in this house. The goal is to go from my current 160 to a more reasonable 125. Richard and I got each other gym memberships for Christmas. (Well technically I gave him the "LL cool J abs" he wanted so badly and he treated me to the "Eliza Dushku physique" I have had my eyes on. We are so generous!) I also re-registered for today. I really do love this site and I recommend you check it out. I have some before pictures but to be honest I am so sad about them I will not be posting them until I have some progress ones to go with!

Goal # 2 ~ Get more organized! (I told you... super predictable!) Anybody who knows me knows that I am disorganized and a little stressed out ALL THE TIME. So I have my time management plan to help me now as well as a new day planner and a constant strive to make things more simple, less cluttered, and more clean!

Goal # 3 ~ Get back to school! It's time. I have regretted every minute since high school graduation that I didn't go to college. I think that if I don't go there is a good chance that my kids won't go. . . and I want the best for them. I want to make more money too. I want BIG things in life and I won't get them if I keep on this path. So I should be enrolled by the summer semester.

Here we go 2011! The year of Kayleigh!

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  1. If anyone can achieve these stereotypical resolutions its you. If you need and help with anything you let me know.