Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A slight change of plans!

My last blog post was about my big plans for this year. Like John Lennon says "Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans." So here's the tweaks we are making in the plan.

1. WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!We couldn't be more happy! We have been talking for a few months about getting married and having a baby sooner rather than later, turns out our time scale was a little earlier than we thought. Everyone is very excited.
Here's a little background story for you. I got this result paper at the hospital where I was absolutely sure I would be getting a negative result. After the shock wore off I decided that I needed to tell Richard before he got off work because I couldn't possibly wait that long! So I wrote these little notes on the result paper and sealed it in an envelope. I sent the envelope in the building with John, Richards boss, and told him not to say anything. About 1 minute later Richard came running out the door, down the stairs, picked me up and spun me around. It was a very special moment.
We waited a few days to tell our family and friends but they have all been very supportive and excited . The kids were adorable when they found out. Here is a little dialogue between Caydance and I, over the phone.

Me:"Caydance guess what?!?!"
Caydance: "what?"
Me: "I have something exciting to tell you!"
Caydance: "Just tell me!"
Me: "I have a baby in my belly!"
Caydance: "Serious?!?!" (That kills me. Who says that?)
Me:"Yes I'm serious."
Caydance:"Oh my!!"

She later went on to ask about the time line of when I would go to the hospital to have the baby and we compared it to her starting kindergarten. She has spent every moment she can snuggling me with her hand on my belly.

Athena is more quiet about it but she brings it up from time to time. A dialogue from the car the other day.
Athena (and caydance and Richard screaming): "So exciting! So exciting! So exciting!"
Richard: "Athena, what's so exciting?"
Athena: "WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!"

I will keep you all updated along the way. It is bound to be an eventful year and I am thrilled.


  1. Hey! Your expected due date is my birthday! I know I already commented on your FB, but I'm so excited for you guys! I'm gonna stop using exclamation points now! :)

  2. Love that your tweaks to your plan are so happy and positive. You deserve it!! Counting down to B-Day!!

  3. That story way made me happy. Your story of how you told Richard and his reaction was so cute!