Thursday, April 21, 2011

I officially got my BLING!

I figured I better get this all down on metaphorical paper while its still fresh in my memory. The first night on my trip to becoming Mrs. Robinson, the proposal!!

So it was February 1st, a Tuesday. At this point in time we were having family dinners at my moms on Tuesday nights. While we were getting ready for dinner Richard seemed especially concerned with how he looked, so I followed suit. I couldn't go as the hot guys grungy girlfriend!! So we packed up the whole family and headed up to Herriman for some good family times dressed in our best.

I spent the time visiting with my mom and sisters in the kitchen while Richard was upstairs playing with the kids. . . .or so I thought! While upstairs he pulled the girls aside and asked them if it was OK if he married their mommy. That makes my heart happy. He knew it was important to me that he was marrying our family and just not me. The girls both said yes and went back to playing.

The doorbell rang. (Everyone walks right into moms house like they own the place. . . . except for dad and christy, so we always know when they are there.) Richard went to get the door, along with Jaxon the official doorman of moms house. That was when he asked my dads if he could marry their daughter. I actually don't know what they said to him but I assume they gave him the green light seeing as how we are planning a wedding now. My parents aren't really old school but I think they appreciated this little gesture.

The rest of the night all happened so quick and unexpectedly that it sorta blurs together for me LOL. I remember Emily trying to trick someone into getting her a drink by saying "MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER!" I joked saying that whenever ANYONE says beautiful I assume they are talking to me. So for the rest of the night my dad kept calling me "beautiful kayleigh." It was pretty funny.

We were all sitting at the table, eating turkey dinner I think but I can't be sure. Everyone was talking, as usual LOL. The kids asked for a drink like 5 times and Richard assured me he would get in just a minute and stood up. I did not see it coming. In fact, I don't think it caught up with me until later that night. Here is the speech. . . (He wrote it down because he knew my pregnant brain wouldn't be able to remember.)

"I would like to say thanks to Trish and everyone for dinner. I love coming here spending time with all of you. You are all great people who have made me feel very comfortable and welcome in your family. You are all very loving and supportive all the time which is why I couldn't think of any one better to share tonight with. Kayleigh, You are the love of my life, My princess, and I love you and these girls so much. I want to spend the rest of my life with all of you and be the best Husband and Father I can. Will you marry me?"

Isn't it perfect? He said all the right things in front of all my favorite people. Crystal took video and pictures. Mom and Christy cried. It was fantastic and completely unexpected even though I knew it was coming soon.

Now I am planning for the upcoming special day and then our lifetime together after that!

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