Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let's play the blog catch up game!

The last time I blogged I was barely engaged to the amazing guy that is now my husband. A lot has happened between then and now but things got a little crazy busy! (and I got more than a little lazy some days too!) Let's get you guys caught up with some stories and pictures!

Caydance turned 5!(This kid grows WAY too fast!)
I have to start by saying this was by far my least favorite birthday party I have EVER thrown for one of the girls. Everything was taken care of as part of the package (which was SO pricey) and it left me feeling like the party lacked that special sparkle I always try to create on their special day. I also felt totally out of control and rushed. That being said, the kids all had a fabulous time!

We had the party at Jungle Jims playland, a place where her mommy and aunts had celebrated many birthdays back in their day. Everyone feasted on pizza and soda and that got hours of playtime and game tokens. The cake was made by The Fabulous Grandma Trish and was a dress up chest. She even made it Caydance's requested flavor, which I want to say was chocolate strawberry, but my prego brain is a little fuzzy. My mother is seriously talented.

 Caydance and her cousin Tukker riding the merry-go-round.
I had to post this pic of Mr. Mav. What is that face? LOL
 Caydance got seated with this boy she didn't know and they chatted just like this through the whole ride!
 Snuggles with Grandma Reata
 Landon and Gracie on the rocket ships!
 Hanging with her 2 non-related friends on the rollercoaster!
 Dallas and Mav on the spaceships
 I think they were pretending to be the drama/comedy masks. . .
 Hanging with Grandma Trish and Grandpa Rog
 Mav the tank trying to break the pinata
Finally breaking it open with some help from "Step-dad".


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  1. That was the lamest birthday cake I've ever made. meh...I guess I was due for a flop. I thought the party was great. A little crazy and noisy, sure. But that's par for the kid party course.