Friday, July 8, 2011

My camera was Hi-jacked!!

It was June 11, 2011 and Richard and I were headed out for our week-long honeymoon. We had to stop and fill up the gas tank at Smiths before hitting the road. So while Richard pumped the gas (What?!?! It's HIS job, don't judge me!) I decided to take a look through the camera. You see, the camera was at the wedding but we didn't know if anyone had taken any pictures with it.

Boy did I get a surprise! Richard got in the car and I was laughing so hard I was near tears. When he asked what was so funny I handed him the camera. The girls had stolen the camera and taken over 100 pictures of themselves and their world.

 A couple of very cute close ups!

Some Facebook style photos or ones they took of eachother!

There were about thirty pictures they took of their TV playing snow white while they watched.

And lastly I found possibly the sweetest most heart-melting picture ever.

Honestly! How could I have been mad that they stole the camera?!

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